瑞昌 系統 集團

地利、 人和、 優惠政策三配合 瑞昌系統運作始于1987年。現于香港及東莞兩地均有加工廠。香港總廠引進最新科技,特殊車輛及先進設備。東莞加工廠擁有充足土地及大量經驗技員工,能制造優質配件。兩廠之地利人和互相配合,我們的產品能以品質優良,價格極具競爭性。于短短數年內,客戶遍布全國各大城市及亞洲其他地方。

Shui Cheong System started it’s operation in 1987. At present we have factories in Hong Kong and Dong Guan. Having benefited by the local policy and condition, all our factories play their own role and work together as a team for Shui Cheong System. Hong Kong headquarter introduces new technology, imports vehicle chassis and modern equip and a lot of experience workers is producing good quality components. That is why we can produce high-tech products/systems with good quality and competitive price and why we are growing in full speed with our products all over China and Asia.